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Howdy! I’m Anna, a mostly proud millennial. With the year 2022 came trying something new. So, let’s keep it going.

wife. soon-to-be human mama. dog & plant mama. teacher of small humans. bookworm. music lover. wannabe globetrotter. connoisseur of all things candy and pizza. massive nerd.

ps. this chick came with the frame #blessed

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Voila, my blog where I am given the freedom and space to potentially bitch about how stupid blogging is.


  • that evil voice can go right to h***… again
    look at how confident i seem in this photo! yeah, it’s all fake. i’ll just leave it here to remind myself that badassery is down deep in there somewhere. photo credit: @evokeboudoir Hello, and welcome back to “that evil voice can go right to h***.” For this rendition, I will be discussing how my friend, […]
  • new year, (kind of) new me
    Holy crap… I’ve been blogging for a whole year??!! January 24 marks A WHOLE YEAR of blogging! WHAAA?!! Kind of crazy. I started off HOT. Recently, I’ve been much slower to put out content, but for good reason. It’s been an INSANE year. Lots of good. Lots of bad. But we’ll get to that in […]
  • it’s still cute
    It’s still cute that I’m pregnant. I’m selfishly going to say I am ADORABLE as a pregnant person… right now. It’s still relatively early. I’m currently sixteen weeks! Other than some discomfort, random crying (usually at Elsa or anything Frozen related) and pregnancy insomnia, life is pretty good! Because I’ve never made it this far, […]
  • is this finally it?
    I’M BACK FOLKS. It’s been a while. I’ve been a little preoccupied with creating a tiny human that is actually a parasite that steals all my resources, like my energy. Not only have I not felt like writing due to writer’s block, but the fatigue is real. Anyway… enjoy! All the people said to keep […]
  • they say i’ll be okay…
    WARNING: This is probably my last disclaimer since I’m kind of over it and by now you should know that you’re entering the zone of real talk, feelings & woe is me. You’re welcome. “Over You” is not only a great song, but it hits home with me. I was surprised though once I learned […]

give without expectation.

i am enough.

quality over quantity.

here and now.

see people for who they are, not who you want them to be.

live with honesty, integrity and empathy.

SPOILER ALERT: Thirty used to be my real age and I was in denial about that, still am… but now the title of my blog actually makes sense. You see, I am now in fact, a fake 30-year old. Clearly I’m totally accepting my age really well. Getting older sucks but wisdom is sometimes cool.

ta ta for now.